Touch Typing

The most effective way to learn how to type faster.

What Is Touch Typing?

Touch Typing - the practice or skill of typing using all one's fingers and without looking at the keys.

How Does it Work

The fundamental idea is that each finger is given its own section of the keyboard and your fingers learn the location of the keyboard through practicing regularly and gaining muscle memory to eventually build up speed whilst typing.

Home row position

Keyboard layout for touch typing

The home row is a section of the keyboard that is central to all the other keys. Positioning your fingers over the home row allows you to more easily reach the other keys on the keyboard. When touch typing, returning your fingers to what is referred to as the "home row position" will assist you to type without looking at the keyboard.

Keyboard layout

Keyboard layout for touch typing

Each of your fingers has a specific area of the keyboard to cover. Your index, middle and ring fingers move either up or down from their home position, your thumb covers the space bar, and your pinky fingers cover the rest (the red keys).

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