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What Is Speed Reading?

Speed reading is making meaning from print by recognizing and understanding a group of words all at once, rather than identifying individual words.

Reading Speed Test

In reading, WPM (words per minute ) helps evaluate how quickly someone can process and comprehend text. The average adult reading speed typically falls between 200 and 300 WPM, successful college student - 400 WPM, and the best speed readers - 800+ WPM.

Test your reading speed and comprehension.

Speed Reading vs Skimming

Speed reading is NOT skimming. Skimming is a reading technique to get a general overview of the material. The main idea of skimming is skipping less critical text, for example, lengthy descriptions, samples, etc. The main idea of speed reading is word chunking using a wider visual span without losing comprehension.

What is Readlax?

Readlax is the #1 speed reading app. It provides online brain exercises and speed reading training.

Readlax users improve their reading speed by an average of 50% in 2 weeks of training without losing comprehension.

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