Smart Notes

Building a Second Brain:
Store and organize your knowledge.
Smart Notes
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What Is Smart Notes?

Smart Note-Taking (slip-box method or "Zettelkasten") - an effective note-taking method to store and organize your knowledge.

Why Smart Notes?

You’ll learn better

You’ll focus better

You’ll be more creative

You’ll waste less time

You’ll think better

You’ll be more productive

How Does it Work

Read & Highlight

When reading highlight
main ideas and information

Create Notes

Save ideas and insights
in your digital notes

Connect Notes

Organize your knowledge to
reveal patterns and relationships

Why Readlax?

Markdown-Based notes


Readlax Smart Notes use Markdown, a simple markup language, ensuring they are human-readable and easily exportable to other Markdown-compatible platforms or tools.

Links Graph

Readlax offers a graphical view displaying how your notes interconnect. In this graph, each note is a node, and the links between notes appear as lines linking these nodes.
Links Graph for Notes
Attached Files for Notes

Attached Files

Attached files in notes play a crucial role in enhancing the depth, clarity, and usefulness of your notes. Attachments can include important reference materials, such as PDFs of research papers, spreadsheets with data, or slides from a presentation.

Folders and Tags

By using folders and tags, you can quickly find specific notes without needing to remember where you stored them. Tags, in particular, are useful for retrieving all notes related to a specific theme or idea, regardless of which folder they reside in.
Folders and Tags for Notes
Change Tracking for Notes

Change Tracking

This feature highlights the changes made since the last save. It might show added text in green color and deleted text in red. It allows users to review or revert to a previous version of the note.