11 Youtube Videos About How to Take Smart Notes

11 Youtube Videos About How to Take Smart Notes

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1. How to Take Smart Notes - Zettelkasten Method

15,854+ views

"Book Club How to Take Smart Notes - Sonke Ahrens. I go over 5 main takeaways from the book, covered by my experience and integration into my workflow"


2. How To Take Smart Notes (Mike Gastin)

99,529+ views

"My in-depth review of How to Take Smart Notes by author Sönke Ahrens. This book has transformed my learning, thinking, and work and I think I can help anyone who reads it become the best version on themselves."


3. How To Take Smart Notes (3 methods no one's talking about)

8,458+ views

"How do you take notes that are actually effective? How to remember what you read? Let's talk about how to take SMART notes, inspired by Sonke Ahrens' book "How to take smart notes". We'll cover the 3 things that make smart notes smart, and techniques like Q/E/C and the compass of Zettelkasten Thinking to get you started today!"


4. The FUN and EFFICIENT note-taking system I use in my PhD

499,000+ views

"The Zettelkasten method of note-taking and knowledge management changed my life and saved my PhD! Originally used by Niklas Luhmann, a German sociologist who wrote hundreds of articles and over 70 books in his lifetime, "zettelkasten" means "slip box" because Luhmann's system was in a literal slip box filled with note cards. I host mine, though, in a program called Obsidian"


5. How to take smart notes

61,366+ views


6. Book Review on How to Take Smart Notes By Sonke Ahrens

1,755+ views

"The first book of the new year was a well known and often referenced book by Sonke Ahrens called How to Take Smart Notes. I downloaded it to Kindle last year at this time and finally got around to reading it one year later during my holidays in preparation for the year ahead. I've always wanted to improve my note taking because I felt that at times, it's inconsistent. Also, there is such a strong push for 'the right tool or the right platform' that I felt that I needed to go to the basics - the foundation of setting up a consistent method. I use two note taking systems which have worked well for me. Evernote Premium for personal knowledge management and Microsoft OneNote for anything to do with my 9-5 job as an employee. I explain the reasons why I have two systems in the third part of this video."


7. How to Take Smart Notes | Zettelkasten Method in Roam Research


"Roam Research is a note-taking app that works more like our brain compared to other note-taking apps like Evernote and OneNote. In this video, I talk about how to use Roam for personal knowledge management - how to learn new information, how to remember them, as well as how to take smart notes. Learning is about connecting information. Unlike other apps, Roam makes it easy for you to do exactly this, which is why I love it so much. Also, this method applies to Logseq too since it's similar to Roam."


8. How To Take Smart Notes: Book Review and My Examples in Notion & Roam Research

28,007+ views

"In this video, I will talk why I have decided to learn to take smarter notes, my review of the Book How to Take Smart Notes and my system at the moment in Roam Research as well as Notion."


9. How to Take Digital Notes and Build Your Second Brain

23,149+ views

Topics covered in this workshop:

  • Capture and save the best information you consume each week
  • Organize that information in an easily retrievable note-taking system
  • Distill your notes into their key components
  • Use your notes as fuel for creative expression, driven by a project-first workflow
  • Having a Second Brain frees your first brain for creative work. Your brain is meant to think and create, not store information
  • BASB offers a method for overcoming information overwhelm and harnessing the power of information abundance


10. How to Take Smart Notes

26,184+ views

"How to take smart notes: This video series is about the new generation of digital note-taking apps that help us store and process our knowledge in a networked way. Before, the note-taking apps relied on folders and hierarchy to structure notes, which can be quite limiting for workflows that span across many subjects and source material. But now, the application of backlinks and bidirectional links make it easier to learning, productivity, and creativity."


11. How I Take Notes to Supercharge Productivity & Organize Ideas

30 148+ views

"I thought I was good at taking notes... I was wrong. In this video you'll learn about how to take smart notes, build a personal knowledge base or "second brain" with note cards or a digital notes app like Roam Research. I'll share how I got started with proper note-taking, the difference between fast and durable notes, the QUICK framework, why I use note cards first (then Roam), and how it totally changes your creative productivity."


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