Smart Notes With Obsidian And Zettelkasten

Smart Notes With Obsidian And Zettelkasten

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0:00 Introduction

0:50 What are smart notes?

4:46 Benefits of smart notes

10:53 What is Obsidian?

11:45 Where to get Obsidian

12:49 First look at Obsidian

13:30 Creating a new Vault

14:55 Creating notes with markdown in Obsidian

16:13 Linking notes together

18:05 The principles of smart notes

28:00 What is the Zettelkasten method

30:14 When to use smart notes

31:52 Overview of smart note types

33:33 Example - Adding ‘The Golden Circle’ to my smart notes

46:33 Visualising your notes with the graph view

48:57 What you can do with smart notes

50:40 Next steps

52:05 Flowtelic




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