How to Be More Productive with Less Effort

How to Be More Productive with Less Effort

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Productivity is a person's ability to complete tasks with less effort and enjoy the result. Every person on the planet once wanted to become more productive. How to increase productivity? Read 20 tips and change your life.

Make a Better To-Do List

Great way to keep track of outstanding tasks. Formulate your list so that it touches on an important goal of the work. If you link the tasks on your to-do list to your more important goal, they will seem less boring and banal, and more important and motivating.

Use Productive Self-Talk

Your best companion for productivity is yourself. Listen to yourself — your advice and intuition can be an invaluable assistant in all matters, from shopping to work tasks.

Work with Chunks

A common reaction of overworked professionals of all levels is to try to multi-task at once, but multitasking doesn't work. Chunking is the concept of breaking your day into larger chunks instead of reacting to constant interruptions. The more time slots you can devote to specific tasks, the fewer launch moments you will have and your efficiency will increase accordingly.

Create a Break List

You'd be surprised, but in order to be more productive with less effort, you need to rest. Make a list of the breaks that you are going to take. Start with three breaks per day. Write down when you want to take breaks, how long they take, and your plans for each one. One of the most effective productivity tips is: Add breaks to your calendar.

Get a Great Morning and Evening Routine

Let yourself enjoy the morning, do everything at your own pace, drink your drink slowly, enjoying the fresh air. You will feel the positive impact immediately. In the evening, you need to do your home routine. Plan all the actions in advance, think over how to easily and quickly all the tasks were complited. Take your time. You’ve spent the day being effective and your body needs to prepare for rest.

Hack Your Productivity Habits

Productivity improvement can come about through hacking general advice. For example, your goal is to have a slow morning and you should slowly enjoy a drink in the fresh air. You can ask for a ride, take your favorite drink in a thermo-mug and enjoy it right during the trip. Improve all tips in order to get the maximum.

Daily Brain Exercise

The brain is a kind of muscle. If you care about health — you need to do exercises for the brain daily. You can choose any kind of exercise: solving math problems, solving crossword puzzles, reading books in a foreign language, calculating the family budget and taxes in your head. Choose what you like and you can appreciate the increase in productivity in solving any tasks. You can use the Readlax productivity platform every day to train your brain and increase your productivity.

Ice Cold Showers

The benefit of the contrast shower is obvious. Shaking up your body recharges your batteries and improves the condition of the cardiovascular system. A cold shower helps fight depression and apathy, and most importantly, it improves immunity.

Take a Deep Breath

Allow oxygen to flow through your veins, saturating your brain. Deep breathing calms an excited brain, giving a feeling of being present in the «here and now.». After spending too much time in a state of stress and excitement, you should remind yourself to breathe deeply and calm down. Also, deep breathing can help you lose weight.

Pick a New Language

If you are near people who speak a foreign language, it will be easy for you to follow this recommendation. Learning a new language is a great tool for self-development. Switching between two languages for communication and reading can improve productivity. It's not an easy road, but it's worth it.

Avoid Making Important Decisions in the Afternoon

In the afternoon, our minds are overloaded with information received and it becomes more difficult to make the right decision. If you need to be productive, only make decisions in the morning, while you still feel energized and have the opportunity to think about the pros and cons.

Say GoodBye to your Comfort Zone

Your labor productivity throughout the working day may also depend on how willing you are to leave your comfort zone. Making a unconventional decision, finding an alternative way to complete the task and coming up with your own creative version of the upcoming events is easy. These 3 methods are enough to learn how to easily get out of your comfort zone and try to be creative. Always say yes to new opportunities.

Use The «Do It Now» Rule

By using the «do it now» rule, you can easily increase your productivity. Do not leave unfinished tasks for later, as thoughts about them should not distract you in the present moment. If the task looks too complicated, break it up into parts. By doing one big thing in parts, you can do it easier and faster.

Set Boundaries

Separation of duties during work can act as boundaries: do not allow yourself to be burdened with additional work that is not part of your contractual duties. Set boundaries in communication with colleagues — avoid talking about your personal life and purchases in detail. This will allow you to focus on the tasks that need to be solved here and now, increasing your productivity.

Use Science-Based Goal Setting

There is a science of goal setting that helps in goal setting and goal achievement. Pick an important but not easily achievable goal for yourself. Focus on the process, not on the outcome. State your goals in a positive way. Be ready for failure (in a good way). By following these four evidence-based tips, you can succeed at daunting and previously unattainable goals.

Travel to New Places

Traveling is like stepping out of a comfort zone — you can find yourself in a new, unfamiliar, but pleasant place. It resets the brain like a cold shower or learning a new language. By the way, you can put these tips into practice by hacking them. Distracting yourself from the routine will make it easier for you to make plans and rethink problems. You will come back from your trip a different person.

Leverage Your Subconscious Brain

The subconscious stores everything that is burdensome and unnecessary for the conscious mind. For example, old problems, ingrained habits, beliefs and attitudes that have been laid down since childhood. With the help of the subconscious, the necessary resources of consciousness are released to solve more pressing problems. You can clear the subconscious mind with the help of meditation, visualization, affirmations, or special Interaura technologies that affect the subconscious mind directly.

Weekly Plans Are a Must

In addition to the standard comprehension of plans for the day in the morning, we recommend making a plan for the week. In a week, you can complete one huge task by breaking it up into a dozen small ones. For example, the task of painting the walls of a room will not seem difficult if you complete each step in turn: calculate the area, buy paint and tools, cover the floor with a film, mark out, paint the walls. Only 5 buckets, one per day. A weekly plan may include several big goals. Be sure to indicate and implement methods and strategies that will accomplish each goal.

Create a Summary for the Day

As you set goals and achieve success, never forget to sum up the day. Take only 3 minutes to write a short note in your diary about how your day went: and whether or not you managed to achieve your goals. If not, what conclusions can be drawn from this. Your productivity is directly dependent on the ability to analyze the methods and opportunities that you use daily.

Be Happy and Productive at Work With Mindfulness

It is very important to make a little effort in order to focus on what is happening inside yourself for a while. Set aside a time and place for mindfulness. Focus consciously on the present moment. Allow yourself to do nothing and just be without thinking about anything. Bring your mind back to a zero point if it gets too distracted with too many thoughts. Surprisingly, this is just the advice that can make you happier. Combine this practice with others to increase productivity and be happier.

How to be more productive? You will feel happier when you reach your productivity goals. These tips show that everything is simple, just do at least one of them a day. By combining the practices, you can improve the quality of life, increase productivity, cope with stress and become creative. Be yourself, work on yourself, improve on the details!



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