11 Books That Helped Build a $100m Enterprise

11 Books That Helped Build a $100m Enterprise

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Here are the top 11 books instrumental in building a $100 million enterprise.



The War of Art

1. "The War of Art" (Steven Pressfield)

Best Sellers Rank: #18,165 in Kindle Store.

  • #6 in Creativity Self-Help
  • #42 in Creativity (Books)
  • #50 in Motivational Self-Help (Kindle Store)

Amazon reviews:

"This book has been a game changer, there's something about reframing procrastination as resistance. Procrastination feels like something you don't have control over, that you have to work to overcome. Inversely, resisting is something you are actively doing."

"This book is Outstanding, life changing and informative. Many chapters leave me speechless. Have you ever gone through difficult experiences in different times of your life, but didn’t quite understand what was transpiring. This book breaks down by giving understanding in a way that comes from a place of true experience from the author. Also it energizes and fuels you with strength to really honor your God- given gifts. If you ever felt like you don’t fit in and so different from the crowd, then you must read this book.Thank you Steven Pressfield you are a Game- Changer and a true Pioneer."

"I don't typically like self-helpy books. This one was different. The author talks about the challenges facing writers, and he gives them an identity and personality that he calls Resistance. He then goes on to talk about how Professionals overcome Resistance. I highlighted the crap out of my copy, and took 4 pages of single spaced notes that I can refer to in the future. Extremely well written, at times funny, frequently painfully accurate, this was the perfect first read of the year for someone who hates the superficial new years resolution illusion."

Books quotes:

"Remember our rule of thumb: The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it."

"The counterfeit innovator is wildly self-confident. The real one is scared to death."

"Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance."



Tribe of Millionaires

2. "Tribe of Millionaires" (David Osborn & Pat Hiban)

Best Sellers Rank: #73,735 in Books.

  • #525 in Entrepreneurship (Books)
  • #197 in Entrepreneurship (Kindle Store)
  • #1,527 in Success Self-Help

Amazon reviews:

""Tribe of Millionaires" by David Osborn, Pat Hiban, and Tim Rhode is a paradigm-shifting masterpiece that has left an indelible mark on my thinking around accountability and the power of a supportive community. This book is an absolute game-changer for anyone looking to take their personal and professional growth to unprecedented levels."

"I was given this book as a recommendation, and it sucked me in. I put aside everything else I was doing and soaked it in. The perspective it has given me will change my life. I highly recommend it."

"The book is well written, easy to follow, and intriguing. I am inspired to implement lessons taught in the book. Thank you"



The PARA Method

3. "The 48 Laws of Power" (Robert Greene)

Best Sellers Rank: #3,207 in Kindle Store.

  • #2 in Business Leadership
  • #3 in Motivational Business Management
  • #4 in Social Psychology & Interactions

Amazon reviews:

"This book serves as an essential tool, guiding individuals on how to protect themselves against the perilous influence of negative, deceitful, and potentially harmful individuals. The book's structure is ingeniously designed, with each law being accompanied by real historical anecdotes of transgressions or observances. "

"This book is a hard pill to swallow. It's a raw and unapologetic exposé of the ruthless game that many of our fellow humans are playing, whether we like to admit it or not. The author lays out the rules for navigating the power plays and manipulations that permeate our society, forcing readers to confront the uncomfortable realities of human behavior."

"The 48 laws is full of so many lessons that are very true in life. Reading the 48 laws gave me a better understanding of talking to people, psychology, and more with real life historical examples. The fables/short stories written on the sides of each page are all worth reading because they're powerful lessons in a short understandable story. I definitely think everyone should read the 48 laws at least once."

Books quotes:

"Never take your position for granted and never let any favors you receive go to your head."

"Never waste valuable time, or mental peace of mind, on the affairs of others—that is too high a price to pay."

"When it comes to power, outshining the master is perhaps the worst mistake of all."



The Millionaire Real Estate Agent

4. "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent" (Gary Keller)

Best Sellers Rank: #15,887 in Books.

  • #21 in Real Estate (Kindle Store)
  • #114 in Real Estate Investments (Books)
  • #101 in Economics (Books)

Amazon reviews:

"I learned a lot. Will be reading this again. Very informative and great "Grease for the wheels" for a newbie to RE. From being in a sales position before, everything that I know frome that was reinforced here. It has also shined a light on known problem areas, and what to avoid ..."

"What can I say this book is awesome. If you are in real estate and in it because you want to create a great business this is an unbelievable resource. If you don't want the headaches of running your own team this is still valuable because you will understand the concepts and then you can go work for a great team, making great steady income with less stress and probably less hours. If you live in San Diego email me and I will hire you."

"This is one the most imperative books for a realtor and I’ve purchased many throughout my own real estate career. I gift them to anyone I come across that’s considering becoming a realtor or is a new agent because it helps set the groundwork for your business. Becoming an agent that produces at a high level can be intimidating but the MREA book is a roadmap to guide you to a successful real estate business. Buy it and read it many times over!"

Books quotes:

"Leverage can be divided into three categories: people, systems, and tools."

"Think a Million, Earn a Million, Net a Million, and Receive a Million."

""Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.""



The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

5. "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" (John C. Maxwell)

Best Sellers Rank: #33,428 in Kindle Store.

  • #31 in Business Motivation & Self-Improvement (Kindle Store)
  • #36 in Motivational Business Management
  • #51 in Business Leadership

Amazon reviews:

"Not just a great read, but extremely practical as usual for John Maxwell! Every new book is his best book in my opinion."

"After reading this book. I understood why the board room in a volunteer organization functioned the way it did and what it would take to effect change. It was like I suddenly ly developed a superpower."

"Mr Maxwell is surely gifted by God to teach in the area of leadership, what I most like about his books is the fact that everything he teaches is so practical."

Books quotes:

"The main difference between the two is that leadership is about influencing people to follow, while management focuses on maintaining systems and processes."

"Leaders seek to recognize and influence intangibles such as energy, morale, timing, and momentum."

"Character makes trust possible. And trust makes leadership possible. That is the Law of Solid Ground."



The Personal MBA

6. "The Personal MBA" (Josh Kaufman)

Best Sellers Rank: #24,632 in Kindle Store.

  • #3 in Marketing for Small Businesses
  • #6 in Entrepreneurship Management
  • #11 in Business Management (Kindle Store)

Amazon reviews:

"The book is also a source for more in depth reading on the topics presented. Excellent book for entrepreneurs in most fields and well worth the $15. I strongly urge anyone who is either looking to go into business or who is running a business to read this book. It’s not an MBA but it is better written than most business books I’ve read in or out of school."

"Awesone book. All you need to start your first business!"

"This book is a very basic easy to read for every businessman out there so if you like business this is a must read."

Books quotes:

"The best way to observe what your potential competitors are doing is to become a customer."

"Learn everything you can from your competition, and then create something even more valuable."

"Every business fundamentally relies on two additional factors: people and systems."



Simple Numbers Straight Talk Big Profits

7. "Simple Numbers Straight Talk Big Profits" (Greg Crabtree)

Best Sellers Rank: #52,706 in Kindle Store.

  • #6 in Business Accounting (Kindle Store)
  • #50 in Entrepreneurship (Kindle Store)
  • #80 in Accounting (Books)

Amazon reviews:

"This book is an incredible source of finance wisdom for small business, it focus on the reality of small businesses and give you direct tools, tips and strategies to have a healthy, profitable business."

"The book I wish I had 20 years ago! Answers so many questions and gives specifics on what to do. I had an "ah ha!" moment in every chapter. "

"This book has plenty of excellent advice and is a fast read. Highly recommended for anyone looking for some big picture KPI to focus on growing your business. As a CPA and a financial leader in the manufacturing industry myself, I am always seeking additional knowledge to expand my skill set and improve processes. Greg's focus on 10% being the true break-even is a novel concept that squares well with what I have seen to date in my career. He lays out details on what to look for in your business, how to measure it, and how to make it happen."

Books quotes:

"You get paid a salary for what you do, and you get a return on what you own."

"Sales are for show, profits are for dough!"

"“A man who aims at nothing hits it with amazing accuracy.” I’ll help you figure out how to take aim with your salary calculation and hit the target."



Getting Things Done

8. "Getting Things Done" (David Allen)

Best Sellers Rank: #159,364 in Kindle Store.

  • #102 in Time Management in Business
  • #254 in Personal Time Management
  • #305 in Personal Success in Business

Amazon reviews:

"The methodology is great to implement when you have too much stuff on your plate. It will help you be more focused and productive not only at work but in your personal life."

"Getting Things Done, or GTD, is a productivity methodology based on a few deceptively simple concepts. Now, I’m still very new to GTD, but this is how I see it. One of the fundamental ideas behind GTD is that the human brain is excellent at processing ideas and being creative, but not a great storage facility. A key part of GTD is getting all ideas, projects and commitments out of your brain and into a trusted system or external brain."

"This is a life-changing book. I am not in business but have to function in various domains: working scientist with 20-30 discrete, concurrent, collaborative projects at any given time; teacher; physician; mentor; member of various administrative committees; family man; and avid hobbyist with multiple pursuits. I don't need to read more of the usual inspirational / motivational crap; I'm already highly motivated and willing to work hard, but just needed something to help me organize and get a handle on all the demands placed on me. I'd used calendars and to-do lists like most people but this was not enough."

Books quotes:

"We (1) capture what has our attention; (2) clarify what each item means and what to do about it; (3) organize the results, which presents the options we (4) reflect on, which we then choose to (5) engage with."

"Getting things done requires two basic components: defining (1) what “done” means (outcome) and (2) what “doing” looks like (action)."

"the real problem is a lack of clarity and definition about what a project really is, and what associated next-action steps are required."




9. "Traction" (Gino Wickman)

Best Sellers Rank: #11,271 in Kindle Store.

  • #1 in Strategy & Competition
  • #2 in Organizational Learning
  • #4 in Startups

Amazon reviews:

"Nothing earth shattering here however the combination of principles and tools shared can make a huge difference in the output of an organization. Without a process that generates traction we are drifting wherever the market forces take us. Being intentional about incorporating the 7 steps in this book will put you in control of your destiny."

"Having a structure in your business is vital for your success.
This is a model that helps you with that.
Clear, consistent, simple and actionable."

"I discovered "Traction" by Gino Wickman, and it's been a game-changer for me. Wickman's practical approach to business, especially the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), provides a roadmap for achieving real results. The book is not just theory; it's a hands-on guide that helped me streamline my business processes and gain traction in a competitive market. If you're serious about taking your business to the next level, "Traction" is a must-read. Invest in this book, and you'll find yourself equipped with actionable strategies that make a meaningful impact. Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your business – grab a copy now!"

Books quotes:

"Above all else, your leaders need to be able to simplify, delegate, predict, systemize, and structure."

"Clarify your vision and you will make better decisions about people, processes, finances, strategies, and customers."

"A Scorecard is a weekly report containing five to 15 high-level numbers for the organization."



The PARA Method

10. "Venture Deals" (Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson)

Best Sellers Rank: #74,101 in Kindle Store.

  • #5 in Venture Capital (Kindle Store)
  • #21 in Starting a Business (Kindle Store)
  • #35 in Venture Capital (Books)

Amazon reviews:

"A big thanks to the authors, and I look forward to picking up more of their books in the future. I’ll be recommending this one to many founders, VC’s, and lawyers as I continue along my journey into the venture universe and build companies that create a long-lasting, positive change."

"As first-time-founders, we've learned tons from the advice of our mentors and successful entrepreneurs. Every single mentor has recommended this book to us. While your expertise might be in engineering, product, marketing, or any other function - it's rare for founders to have expertise in VC. This book is incredibly insightful, thorough, and somehow even funny."

"I read this book to get better insights into the process, terminology and artifacts associated with venture deals. It delivered all of this and more! I learned additional details about things I thought I already knew like company valuation."

Books quotes:

"We believe the demo or a prototype (often called an alpha) is far more important than a business plan or financial model for a very early stage company."

"Some VCs will ask you who else you are talking to. If your goal is to create a competitive process, never answer this question."

"Seed stage funds are generally bigger than a micro VC and can scale up to $150 million per fund."



The PARA Method

11 "Unreasonable Hospitality" (Will Guidara)

Best Sellers Rank: #7,792 in Kindle Store.

  • #1 in Hospitality, Travel & Tourism (Kindle Store)
  • #2 in Workplace Behavior
  • #4 in Hospitality, Travel & Tourism (Books)

Amazon reviews:

"Will is an outstanding writer with simple yet profound principles that anyone in a Service industry must read. This is not a restaurant/hospitality story. Anyone that serves clients and wants to be thought if first as the company they feel best about when they need what you do needs to spend time with this book. Looking not only at the outrageous unreasonable hospitality you must provide your external customers but understanding you MUST provide that hospitality to your coworkers first. I personally will be using Will's book with all the leaders and managers in my organization."

"Being in the hospitality industry all of my life, this book caught my eye. Wow. I highlighted, flagged, took notes and shared. This guy gets it and takes it to a whole other level. There is nobility in service. And it is meaningful. This book is a keeper and I will definitely re read!"

"This was a fun and interesting peek into the luxury restaurant business, and it gave a good understanding of the exceptional customer service required to keep patrons coming back for more. I do wish there had been more realistic actionable take-aways for business owners in other industries beyond restaurants, but you can use your imagination and get creative. It's engaging and well-written. It made me want to book a trip to NYC immediately."

Books quotes:

"Criticize the behavior, not the person. Praise in public; criticize in private. Praise with emotion, criticize without emotion."

"Fads fade and cycle, but the human desire to be taken care of never goes away."

"“Black and white” means you’re doing your job with competence and efficiency; “color” means you make people feel great about the job you’re doing for them. Getting the right plate to the right person at the right table is service. But genuinely engaging with the person you’re serving, so you can make an authentic connection—that’s hospitality."



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