What is Readlax?

Readlax is #1 All-In-One Productivity Platform. It includes:

What Is Habit Tracker?

A habit tracker is a tool designed to help individuals establish, monitor, and maintain habits. It provides a structured and accountable method for personal growth and improvement in daily routines.

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What Is Brain Training?

Brain training (cognitive training) is a program of regular activities to maintain or improve one's cognitive abilities: executive function and working memory.

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What Is Speed Reading?

Speed reading is making meaning from print by recognizing and understanding a group of words all at once, rather than identifying individual words.

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What Is Touch Typing?

Touch Typing - the practice or skill of typing using all one's fingers and without looking at the keys.

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What Is Smart Note-Taking?

Smart Note-Taking (slip-box method or "Zettelkasten") - an effective note-taking method to store and organize your knowledge.

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What Is Reader View?

Reader View - browser extension which remove ads and distractions, leaving only text and images.

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What Is Focus Timer?

Focus Timer (Pomodoro) - A time management method based on 25-minute stretches of focused work broken by 5-minute breaks.

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The app is simply amazing. I love the concept of this application


Simple and easy to play memorize game. I recommend it.


Brilliant games. Clever type games to read fast


Fun and educational app. Good app to get the brain working.


It's so easy to use and intuitive you can get straight into it. It's a really powerful tool


Great app if you are trying to improve your reading speed.


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